Sterling Club History

The Sterling Club has served the community by providing those services needed by the community, and especially services needed by the youth of our area.  This was our goal in the 1950s and continues to be our goal.

The most important accomplishment is the Club’s ability to attract and keep membership that commits itself to providing for the needs of our community.

Second must be the Charter Members knowledge that to support the community the community must have a place in which to meet.  This task was accomplished in 1956 when the Club purchased the building known as Bowman’s Tavern at a cost of $8000.  The first meeting was held in our clubhouse in February 1959 and in 1963 ground was broken for the 36 x 80’ building addition. 

Attached is a listing of the many accomplishments completed by the Club during the sixty years.  This list is not intended to be a comprehensive overview of our Club’s history, but a tool that should give you, the member, a sense of the kinds of services provided by our Club and how these service needs have changed as the community has grown.